Who We Are

Interactive Therapy Solutions, Inc., is a family-centered outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation facility in South Florida. ...

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Why Choose Us?

Interactive Therapy Solutions is the premier private provider of Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services in the ...

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Area Of Concern

A child with delayed development may not show behaviors and abilities that are typical of the child’s age. A child may have ...

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists who work with children are knowledgeable about stages of development and the appropriate milestones in a child's physical, mental, and ...

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) help children of all ages who have spoken and written language disorders, speech sound disorders, stuttering (dis-fluency), and ...

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Contact us today to book an assessment and see how we can help your child be the best they can be. Initial visits are scheduled within 1-2 weeks of contact. 786-805-6454


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Our aim is to create the most trusted brand in child development in South Florida.

Janet Juan

Mark Juan's mom, live in New York C.

“No one does this better than Interactive Therapy Solutions . I'll never stop recommending your service"

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