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About Us


Interactive Therapy Solutions is a pediatric speech and occupational therapy agency. Interactive Therapy has been providing quality pediatric therapy care to the Miami-Dade and surrounding area since 2012, when occupational therapist, company owner and former special education teacher Antonia started treating children in their homes.


With upmost dedication to quality care and focus on patient's progress , Antonia was able to hear her parents explain how much their therapist meant to them and how therapy had changed their child's life. This only reiterated the importance of Interactive's role and purpose.

Our Mission

* Our aim is to create the most trusted brand in child development in South Florida. We do this by successfully, and consistently delivering the highest quality pediatric services.

* We recognize that the parents are an integral part of the children’s success and we strive to achieve continuity of care by incorporating family education in our treatment.

* We ensure the daily lives of parents, siblings and the wider family, care-givers, teachers, peers and friends are all impacted positively by the improvements made in the behaviors and abilities of a single child.

 *Accountability is the consistent pursuit for a higher level of professional excellence.