Occupational Therapy


What is Occupational Therapy for children?


Occupational Therapy improves the functional skills that children require across all environments and across the age span to do the things that children do:

  • Play (both alone and with others)
  • Learn (not just academically but in everything that they do socially, in movement, in self care)
  • Attend to one task at a time
  • Move with control (whether it be their fingers for drawing or their body for jumping)
  • Develop independent in self care and self management skills
  • Organize themselves (such as for playing a game, or packing their bags for school).

Occupational Therapy focuses on making everyday life easier for children with developmental challenges, their parents, and their extended network of families and care-givers.

Areas of Specialty for Occupational Therapy 

  • Fine Motor Skills ( handwriting; manipulating small objects; dressing skills)
  • Visual Skills (perceptual, motor, memory, discrimination, attention, eye-hand
  • Bilateral coordination (Upper extremity strength and range of motion (ROM)
  •  Developmental Delays ( Prematurity; difficulty with attaining motor milestones )
  • Sensory Processing and Modulation ( Attention; picky eaters; sensory aversions
  • Behavior Concerns ( Attention; disruptive behaviors; difficulty attending in classroom setting; requires one-one assistance with homework or school related tasks)

The value of choosing Interactive Therapy Solutions as your provider of Occupational Therapy is that by providing both services on site, clients experience a truly integrated multi-disciplinary service rather than one that is discussed but that phone tag between professionals makes it difficult to deliver.