Scheduling An Appointment

Initial Speech & Occupational Therapy Assessment 

  • Once you have a made an appointment for your Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy session, you may choose to have the intake form emailed out to you or you can choose to come in a few minutes early to complete the intake form. (approx. 15-20 minutes to complete) You will need a doctor referral/prescription if you are seeking therapy services through your insurance.
  • The intake form will cover the office policies, and will ask you to describe your concerns and to provide information regarding your child’s early development, and current status. This information helps the clinician you will be seeing to plan the initial session in the best way for you and your child.
  • If your child attends a child care or educational setting, where appropriate and with your permission, we will contact the child care worker or teacher to discuss your child’s Speech and Language skills and motor skills or ask them to fill out a short questionnaire.This information is very important in order to develop a holistic and detailed picture of your child’s Speech and Language Skills, sensory concerns and fine motor skills.
  • Within the initial assessment there will always be time allocated to sharing information, including discussing your concerns and what you are hoping to achieve from Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. You will also be provided with information about what we will be doing in the session and why, and we will discuss your child’s current Speech and Language skills and Occupational Therapy which includes (motor skills, sensory skills and fine motor skills, handwriting, play skills).
  • For the younger child (under 3.5 years), an assessment of your child’s Speech and Language Skills, motor skills, sensory processing, play skills and fine motor skills will be done through fun play-based activities and the Therapist will often use floor-based and /or table-top activities. For many young children, the parent/caregiver will be encouraged to join in with the play activities.
  • For the older child, the assessment may be more structured and your child may be encouraged to participate in some table top activities which may involve looking at pictures, answering questions, describing pictures, participating with standardized tests, performing physical motor movements and handwriting skills.
  • At the end of the initial assessment, there will be time allocated to provide you with information about your child’s Speech and Language Skills and physical motor skills (fine motor, gross motor, physical skills, self help skills and sensory processing skills) and discuss “where to go from here”.
  • A written report will be provided summarizing the findings within the session and recommendations. A short summary report is provided for those children who have attended a short screening assessment session (30 minutes) and a longer, more detailed report is provided for those who have attending a full assessment (60 minutes).

Therapy Sessions

  • Following an assessment appointment, it will be decided together whether therapy is needed.
  • Therapy sessions are usually two-three times a week for an hour some sessions may be shorter based on patient’s tolerance or insurance allowance.
  • Sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and the family and will target the areas identified within the assessment. The sessions are intended to be fun and engaging and the child is encouraged to learn through motivating play activities and games. Building confidence is important and the sessions are planned so that the child will achieve success within the session.
  • Specific Speech and Language goals and Occupational Therapy goals will be discussed together and after a few therapy sessions a written copy of the goals will be provided to you. Together we will review these goals and monitor your child’s progress.
  • Your child will make the maximum progress if work can be revised and completed between sessions. We recommend five minutes practice a day.