Speech Language / pathology

Speech & Language Therapy



Speech Therapy helps children develop their abilities in:

  • Play and interaction: playing with toys and people; looking; listening and attention and early interaction skills.
  • Understanding and expressing  language: understanding what words mean; understanding concepts, saying words; linking words together; using grammar; telling stories; using language socially; writing.
  • Articulation: listening and hearing speech sounds; saying sounds; linking sounds together into words and sentences; fluency and smoothness of speech; voice quality; phonological awareness skills; sounding out words and spelling.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Feeding/swallowing

 Speech/Language therapy focuses on making communication easier for children facing communication and developmental challenges. Our goal is to help them effectively communicate with their parents, family and peers and other close people within their immediate environment, improvements in communication and understanding helps to build confidence and helps your child increase social interaction and be able to express wants and needs. Speech/Language Therapy addresses the functional skills that are required across different environments. While the actual ‘therapy’ occurs with the therapist in the clinic (and home setting through home practice), our Speech Therapy team works closely with parents, teachers and other care-givers to implement strategies to help develop language and play skills in child care, kindergarten and school environments.